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Prostate Massage Positions-Which Ones Are The Best

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Men who are new to prostate massage often ask the best positions they should try to make it more effective and easier to do. Often with experience you will find the best prostate massage positions by yourself, but in the beginning, men often want to take a shortcut and find out what works best for most men.

Positions for prostate massage can be a general preference, but I would suggest laying on your back with your legs spread. This position can work best by yourself or with the help of a partner. This would be the usual position a beginner would try and for many men who have experienced many prostate massages, this is still the one position they like the best, both for being effective and comfortable.

The other position you may try if laying on your back does not work well for you would be laying on your side with the knee’s tucked up closer to your chest. This position offers deeper penetration for men who are bigger or just for those men who are having a tougher time with prostate massage.

The last postion that you may want to try would be bent over and trying prostate massage from behind. This is really only effective with the help of a partner or using this type of prostate massage therapy technique.

Prrostate massage positions can be highly personal, so make sure to experiment to find the one that gives you the best results.

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One Response to “Prostate Massage Positions-Which Ones Are The Best”

  1. Duckhillbandit on June 6th, 2011 11:38 pm

    So much as her body and parts BELONG to her husband…
    Do his BELONG to her as well…? Prostate and all?
    Should she keep “it” healthy… FOR HER?
    There is a relatively unknown, preventative, health aid for prostates… that’s right… an aid, to help keep the best of men around for a greater length of time… There are a few of those still around… MEN worth keeping… the father of your children… the man that became Grampa or has added the GREAT to that title… the man that loved you, through all the things a marriage goes through. Would this MAN be worth keeping around? Worth a bit MORE of your time?
    Just call it; O-Mama-Care
    There is a wonderful tool that will HELP keep him healthy, for a greater length of time… Keep that prostate healthy, keep it from going sour (yes they do), functioning, and your love life from doldrums (if women talked to his doctor… WHOA!). This great and very simple tool is something you already possess… a tool that strengthens the marital bond, relieves some E.D. and urology problems, improves his stamina by helping him control release, and much more. A special, very inexpensive tool, which allows the woman to have positive control, via pleasurable (without the WEIRD) domination of her man… for a time. A special tool, properly used, improves woman’s self image, this simplest of simple tools, allows early detection of prostate problems, again saving his life via, proper, positive, loving use, and prepares him for D.R.E.’s, improves man’s intimacy, and still protects the ever important male mind set.
    Just what kind of special tool could do all this, and not be well known, well advertised… EXPENSIVE?
    Most every woman has them; very few even know the what, why and specialty of their use… many men don’t know of this tool either; and the few that do know, will not allow anyone to use them for this purpose… WHY? Because it’s socially seen, as something only homosexuals do, or allow. OOPS! Nearly gave it away… yes the tools use, scares the bijous out of monogamous, loving, married men.
    But first…
    Very few women and a lot of men haven’t the slightest clue what the prostate is, or does… why it goes bad… what makes it go bad… and most of all… that it is one of the most eccentric, man love parts, which woman can enjoy… in HIS body.
    But such a tool must be difficult to operate or expensive to own and use, right? Actually NOT. You and most other women already have this tool… no purchase required. But some accessories might be desirable… AHH-HA! The sales pitch!!! The… “But Wait…” catch; REALLY… accessories are something you find in any department store… nothing to order… no web sites to join… Nothing to do except… HERE IT comes !!!!
    YOU have got to get HIM, to allow YOU access… to HIM… to use it!
    That… is the catch!
    The ugly truth is… the way this tool is to be used…
    The TOOL? In a minute…
    The wife has allowed his probing, poking, many other male to female advances, and done many female to male, enjoyable to him anyway, oral pleasures… the woman has no viable recourse… RIGHT?
    BUT; You… keeper of the TOOL… you must get him to allow YOU access, to something he only allows his doctor, reluctantly anyway, and then “IF” he ever goes to the doctor. He’ll not allow anyone this access, not on his own; YOU must convince him lovingly, to allow you to perform this preventative health measure, with the simple tool, that most all women possess…
    Yes; by using your gloved, lubed, fingers to massage his prostate, through his colon wall, you can extend the life of, that sometimes rare, but keep-able MAN… It’s a rare, healthful, and preventative measure, which has a mostly positive, extremely pleasurable side effect.
    Is this just something more for the woman to do, to/for him?
    The other way is… to see him surrendering himself completely… to you… surrendering that forever controlled “Third Nut” and anal canal to your loving touch…
    Were you supposed to enjoy his playful advances, by him touching you inside your body, with his fingers? Should you now be allowed the same access? For his health? His health, with extremely healthy and WOW pleasures… for the both of you?
    The major problem is… most MEN will not allow anyone in there… The YUCK factor, stops all but the most adventurous women… medical exam gloves, and some of that rectal lube, to help things slide in, are most important to get past the eeeew, factor as well.
    But… Again, the loving wife’s problem, is to get in there; starting in the shower, washing EVERYTHING is the most direct method, getting him more comfortable with touching “backthere”… then to get him to slowly allow you to access, that horribly nasty hole, in the back of his person… or that wonderfully clean, glory hole… you… get to play with… How do you see it?
    HIS and your acceptance, that this is not abnormal, rather a healthy preventative measure to KEEP A KEEPER… and do it lovingly, with an urgency that is designed to help him, enjoy YOU… longer.
    Now the other edge of the sword… Some men avoid doctor’s advances into their colon, partly because it’s that male to male touching… (doesn’t matter how the medical staff… “SEE IT”… the Doctor’s Don’t Care—The Patient Does) men will not discuss, or admit to this, as the problem, but be assured, it is one of his mental drawbacks. My wife found a doctor, that is a woman, for me… because I couldn’t discuss anything sexual, you know, stuff… down there… with a man, that MIGHT be homosexual… it’s difficult and embarrassing enough to discuss male parts anyway… but personally… I’D prefer a woman, cannot fathom discussing sexual things with a homosexual… and with the political push to advance homosexuality these days…
    I’D prefer feminine fingers “tickling my colon” to check the prostate.
    I’D prefer a feminine face at groin level, examining genitals
    I’D prefer the gentleness of a woman, examining male extensions.
    Again; I cannot discuss sexual matters with a homosexual male – you aren’t sure these days – so -
    I’D prefer the safer doctor… that is a woman.
    Surprisingly, to most women… not to stand totally exposed, touched by a woman… rather… NOT to do the same for/with another man.
    So… Why are there so FEW Urologists, which are female?
    And just whose prostate is this anyway? Doesn’t it belong to YOU… the wife?
    Your access… back there, will inevitably help him be less distressed, when he must allow the doctor access… and with your playful access… back there, you can find most all prostate problems… well in advance of their becoming deadly.
    One must sometimes make an investment, if one wishes a return… Has he earned your attentions? Have you requested anything special? Or just waiting for him to DO IT? (Sometimes the man, would love for his LADY to, take him by his come along, and lead him on!) If he’s to stay away from PORN to love you, then you must begin to communicate, as to your desires – touch here – taste there — he’ll talk to you – when he knows what you want to talk about – men are great – but not mind readers – you want communication – communicate!
    In the world of business, one must invest to get a return – Same in the Bedroom – tired of the doldrums? Same old routine? Invest in a new strategy – he’ll love you for it, once you convince him, to allow you access, back there!
    Then communicate… what you’d like in return – just to be held? I’m sure he’ll be more than willing to hold you – after all – you just invested in his extended life and love… with you.
    Does his prostate… now belong to you… the loving wife?

    Of course the problem still remains;
    “Breaking wind, and not being thought of as weird!”
    And Bubba replies gleefully… “Yeah… a really loud, smelly, and wet one!”
    Nope… not a clue!

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