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No Prostate Massager Can Do What The Mangasm Flux Can

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Mangasm Flux

Before I purchased the Mangasm Flux, I had read that this toy was a great prostate massager for people who are new to anal masturbation to use. Surprisingly enough, the toy is actually great for beginners and veterans to use. Being a beginner I can vouch for this toy.

The Mangasm Flux prostate massager is a toy that is designed to stimulate the prostate gland, also known as the male g-spot. The toy is not much to look at. In fact, it just looks like a piece of plastic with three different sized beads attached to it. The different sized beads actually serve an incredible purpose. These beads are designed to rub against the prostate gland, stimulating it, until you explode with a prostate orgasm.

The first time that I used the Mangasm Flux it felt weird to put an object inside of my anus. I was always told that people, who use toys inside of their anuses that are guys, immediately fall into the gay category. I am not gay, and never will be, but for some reason this toy has got me hooked.

When I first started using the toy I would only insert one bead of the toy into my anus at a time. I figured that since the toy was made with different sized beads that I could eventually work up the nerve to put all three of the beads inside of my anus at the same time. Once I got past being scared of the toy, the entire encounter with the toy was enjoyable.

It is hard for me to put into words how incredible the orgasm that I experienced with this toy felt. I will say that after trying a few different things with beads up my butt I have mastered how to give myself a proper prostate massage by using this prostate massager. Right before I cum, I pull the beads out of my anus with force. This force triggers my cum to shoot further and for a longer period of time. I guess this is one of the main reasons why the Mangasm Flux has been given the name anal beads.

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No Prostate Massager Should Be Used Without Using An Autoblow Sex Toy With It

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The Autoblow is the perfect toy to pair up with your favorite prostate massager for an incredible orgasmic experience. The Autoblow is a robotic blowjob machine. It has a long cylinder appearance, and a top section that features a pair of emulative lips.

The machine is controlled by a handheld controller that moves two different rows of beads up and down the shaft of your penis. While these two rows of beads are moving up and down the shaft of your penis, they are simulating what a blowjob feels like. The speed of the beads can be increased to make you cum faster, or they can be decreased to help you last longer.

After trying out the Autoblow I quickly realized why this toy is becoming so popular. The Autoblow machines give you a hands free orgasmic experience. The only thing that you have to do is get an erection, place your cock inside of the toy, and let the toy do the rest of the work for you. When using the Autoblow toy, it is important that you use a lot of lube. Take it from me, you do not want to know what it feels like to have a bear cock with no lubrication being rubbed on by a robotic toy.

One thing that I like doing with the Autoblow is using this toy with a prostate massager. While the Autoblow is stimulating my penis, my perfect prostate massager can stimulate my anus. If you have never came by stimulating your penis and your male g-spot at the same time, then you have never experienced an orgasm before. Prostate stimulation is breaking away from all of the normal taboos that used to surround it.

I am a straight male that loves using sex toys to stimulate all of my erogenous areas. I cannot tell you how great you will feel after experiencing a prostate massager rubbing against your prostate gland. What I can tell you is that the Autoblow toys are the perfect toys to use during your masturbation sessions. Pairing up this toy with a prostate masturbation toy will send you into a state of orgasmic bliss that you do not want to try to escape from.

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A Prostate Massage With The Mangasm Edge Intensified My Orgasms

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Mangasm Edge

I wouldn’t consider myself to be an erotic person. I am a plain old country guy that likes his beer, women, and himself, so when a couple of my buddies started telling me the joys of getting a prostate massage, I instantly blew my lid. I believed all of the stigmas about things going up guys butts and did not want to be classified as a homosexual.

But the more that I learned about prostate massages the more intrigued I became. A few weeks ago I placed an order for the Mangasm Edge and I have not looked back since. The Mangasm Edge made me see through clear eyes that straight guys could use different toys for different types of male masturbation sessions, and not be classified as being homosexuals.

The Mangasm Edge is a basic anal masturbation toy. It is made to emulate the internal design of the human body. It has a thick top portion that gives way to a bottom flared base. There is an additional attachment on the bottom base of the toy that is used to massage the perineum (the space between your balls and your ass hole). If you didn’t know what your perineum is, don’t be ashamed- I didn’t know what this area was until I used the Mangasm Edge on myself.

The Mangasm Edge has the ability to vibrate when it is inside of the anal cavity. It comes equipped with a controller that helps you customize the intensity of the vibrations on your prostate gland. The more intense the vibrations are the harder you will cum from this type of sexual encounter. I can honestly say that I have never seen a burst of cum pour out of my cock, until I used the Mangasm Edge during a prostate massage session.

I was uncomfortable with the thought of putting this toy into my anus, but after I took a second to think about what I was doing, it was all hands on deck. I put a decent amount of lube on the outer surface of the toy, which made insertion bearable. Once I got the toy into my anus, I instantly turned on the vibrations and was amazed at how fast I reached orgasm. Sorry guys and gals, but prostate masturbation is no longer just intended for homosexual guys and females anymore, this old country boy has jumped into the bandwagon too.

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A Prostate Massage Can Be More Enjoyable By Using The Mangasm Buzz

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Mangasm Buzz

I hang out with a lot of straight, masculine guys so when the subject or prostate massage came up in one of our recent conversations I was shocked when I found out that a lot of my friends have already tried this masturbation technique. Not wanting to feel left out, when my friends asked if I played with my male g-spot I instantly told them yes, even though deep down inside I knew I was lying.

I felt horrible when my friends started asking me about how the experience felt and I had to lie to them. I know deep down inside that a lot of my friends that have had a prostate massage knew that I was just yanking their chains when I told them that I’ve tried to give myself one and didn’t like the sensation.

Later on, after I went home I decided to do some research on the male g-spot and ended up buying the Mangasm Buzz. The Mangasm Buzz is a male sex toy that is designed to stimulate the prostate gland. The toy is made with a fairly odd appearance. Along the top section of the toy, there is a slight bend that gives the toy the ability to rest on top of the prostate gland. I chose this toy because it has vibrating capabilities. In fact, it can be changed between five different vibration settings.

The day the toy arrived in the mail I quickly unwrapped it and made my mind up that I was going to use it. Once I applied some lube to the outer surface of the toy, it slid right into my anal cavity, which surprised me. I guess because I was expecting the entire masturbation session to hurt, I knew to expect a little bit of pain during the insertion.

Once I turned the first vibrating setting on, I was hooked. Feeling the vibrations of this toy rubbing against my prostate gland was everything that my friends said a prostate massage would be. I felt my knees buckling, my body going numb, and then an explosion built up inside of my body, and released. Now when my friends mention getting a prostate massage I can tell them truthfully that I have had one and that they all need to get themselves a Mangasm Buzz for their next anal masturbation encounter.

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My First Experience Getting A Prostate Massage From The Mangasm Rush

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Mangasm Rush

I recently decided to purchase the Mangasm Rush because I have heard that giving yourself a prostate massage when you are older is good for your health. I’m an older man, even though to many young women I tend to shave off a couple of years. I have noticed in recent years that getting an orgasm is becoming more of a battle than it used to be in the past.

After trying all of the different medications on the market, one of my close friends told me about prostate masturbation. I have never ever thought about putting something into my butt in order to help me achieve an orgasm, but I figured since the front of me wasn’t working so well, I had to find a way to get some excitement out of my life.

I decided to get the Mangasm Rush for many different reasons. First of all, the Mangasm Rush is designed for guys like me that have never tried anal masturbation in the past. It features a larger head that will apply direct pressure to the prostate gland. The center portion of the toy slims down a little bit, while the bottom section of it flares out to prevent the toy from getting sucked into the anal cavity.

When I first began using the toy I was extremely uncomfortable with the thought of putting an object into my anus. But, for my own sake I saw pass all of the stigmas that I was told when I was younger, and decided to see this thing through. I am pleased that I did. The prostate massage that I got from using the Mangasm Rush was purely euphoric.

If you must know, when I saw my penis get as hard as a rock after I inserted the toy into my anus, I immediately ran to show my wife. She was pleasantly surprised that a simple toy that I would have never thought about trying in the past helped me achieve an erection that I had been dying to have. After helping me see my prostate massage through, my wife fell in love with the Mangasm Rush more than I did. Thanks Mangasm Rush for saving my marriage, my love life, and my life.

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